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Sausage Making Links The Finest Sausage Making Recipes   Welcome to, our little sausage making corner of the web. Here you'll find fresh homemade sausage making recipes, some spicy, some not, but all great tasting. We have an easy step by step sausage making instruction guide on how to turn these great sausage recipes into sausages for the seasoned sausage maker as well as the beginner. Of course we also have a place to buy sausage making supplies and equipment too.
    We've added videos! These are videos of step by step instructions on how to make sausage, from cutting and grinding a pork shoulder to seasoning and stuffing sausage. We've been making homemade sausages for years now and would like to share our experience with you.
    Click to view our sausage making recipesIf you've never made sausage before and are a little bit apprehensive about investing in a sausage grinder and stuffer, try using one of our recipes with ground pork from the butcher shop, add the spices, and make into patties. Sausage making isn't as difficult as you might think. Our Hot Italian Sausage loose, before stuffing into casings is also great on pizza. You'll love it!
    We also have a sausage making discussion board to help with any problems, recipes or thoughts about sausage you'd like to share. The automatic submit has been disabled due to spammers, but everything still gets posted by me, so please feel free to ask OR answer any questions, it's open to everyone ..........and now on to the sausage making recipes

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A few things of interest to me and maybe you; photography, camping and the Toronto Maple Leafs. "This & That" is the main page that will lead you to our new things of interest sections. On our camping page there are links to write ups of our favourite 4 campgrounds with pictures. There is also a Toronto Maple Leaf section with some of my old Leaf hockey cards I've scanned and thought I would share with you. And last is a link to my photography site, a place where I've posted some of my photos from around the Niagara Region and elsewhere



Sausage Making Recipes: Sausage making recipes for Italian, Andouille, Chorizo, Polish and more!

Sausage Making Instructions: Learn step by step how to make fresh sausage

Sausage Making FAQ: A place to find out about casings, cooking meat temperatures, stuffing problems and more

Sausage Making Supplies: Stuffers, Grinders, Casings, Books and more

Sausage Making Discussion Boards: Sausage making chat

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Links: Links to other great sausage making sites


Here are 4 campgrounds we frequent on a fairly regular basis

Toronto Maple Leafs:
A section of the site about "My Team" featuring old hockey cards

doug hagadorn PHOTOGRAPY:
My home site for my photography. A gallery of favourite photos including nature, my home territory-the Niagara Region of Ontario, travel  and other miscellaneous images

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