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Re: Recipe for Beef/Bison Sausage with Rosemary & Red Wine

From: Mark H
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If you aren't going to use pork but just beef or buffalo, it will turn out dry. Extra fat should be added. If you are against adding extra pork fat, you should at least add 1 cup of dry milk powder per 5 pounds of lean meat. Red wine, I'd add 1 to 1 1/2 cups per 5 pounds. Rosemary, about 1-2 T per 5 pounds. Other than that, fresh garlic in my opinion is a must at about 1 t per pound, fresh black pepper also starting at 1 t per pound. And I almost forgot the most important ingredient, salt, at no more than 1 t per pound. Its a place to start. Experimenting is half the fun when making sausage. Other ingredients to try might be thyme, chillie pepper flakes, sage, cayenne, parsley, paprika for color, liquid smoke. But be careful with the liquid smoke, its quite powerful stuff. Start there with about 1 t per pound. Let us know how you made out and what recipe you came up with. Good luck!

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