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Re: Newbie..

From: Doug
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Hi Brad. It really depends what kind of sausage you want to make. A breakfast sausage, you may want sheep casings, or you may want hog casings for Italian or something like that. They should be available at any large grocery store or at an Italian grocer. Other than your seasonings, some vegetable oil for coating the horn, and the casings, you should be good to go. Maybe you might want to look into getting some large bowls if you don't have any. I like the large metal bowls for sausage making. The metal gets cold when loaded with meat and placed in the fridge or freezer. Keeping everything cold helps when making sausage. I've bought a bunch of round plastic trays at a dollar store just for making sausage. When the coil comes off the stuffer, I like to drop the whole coil on a wax paper lined tray to stick in the freezer overnight. Make sure to separate layers with waxed paper and don't stack too high or you'll have flat sausage. Then the next day I'll cut the links into individual sausages that are frozen and separate. It's a good way to take out a couple at a time. You may want to look into getting some trays as well. It works good for me. Other than that...Good Luck

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