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hand stuffing sausage

From: doug
Date: Thursday, September 03, 2009


I was recently in Mexico and learned how to make red and green chorizo (see attachment) using a small metal funnel with a short tube (2-3" long) which I think was 1" in diameter that we put the casing on. The chorizo mixture is very wet and ground and mixed by hand and then hand-stuffed (Thumb-stuffed) to prevent air bubbles and to keep a consistent diameter - it is then twisted into links and hung to cure for 2-3 days. The mixture does not lend itself to traditional sausage making tools.

I don't own a sausage stuffing device - manual or electric... I'm a part-time sausage maker (3 to 4 lbs at a time and only make it a couple of times a year), I buy pre-ground pork (from my butcher), season it myself and then literally hand stuff 35/38 hog casing - but I no longer have the metal funnel that I used...
As I searched the internet I found sites with Bell Shape Stuffing Horn which looks like it has a big enough "Bowl" and while the tube is longer than I'm used to, I figured I could use that but ideally wanted a 1"diameter - so 4 quick questions to start a new discussion:
1. Small metal funnels like the one I described?
2. if not, do you know of any one that sells a 1" diameter Bell Shaped Stuffing Funnel (with a rounded bowl) - if so what order/item number should I use?
3. If not, can you tell me if the 3/4" may work?
3. Are all of the stuffing horns long or does anyone make a shorter one (2-3" long)?
Thanks - looking forward to your response

Last changed: Thursday September 03, 2009

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