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Jewish Beef Sausage

3-lbs lean beef chuck
1 1/4-lbs fatty beef (short ribs or plate)
1/4-lb beef suet
5-tsp kosher salt
1-tbsp coarsely ground black pepper
2-tsp ground coriander
pinch ground allspice
pinch ground bay leaf
pinch ground cloves
1-tsp dry mustard
2-tbsp whole yellow mustard seed
2-tbsp minced garlic
2-tsp sugar
1/2-cup water

Grind lean beef through food grinder with 3/8 inch plate, fatty beef through 1/4 inch plate
In large bowl, mix ground meat with all other ingredients, except water
Add enough water to allow you to work the spices in, knead till well blended
For authentic Jewish sausage, stuff into lamb casing (hog casing can be substituted if allowed by faith)



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