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Pickled Sausage

1/2-cup water
1-cup vinegar
1/4-cup onion, diced
2-garlic cloves, minced
1-tbsp Kosher salt
1/2-tbsp sugar
1-tbsp pickling spice
4-cooked sausage links (cold), each cut into 3 pieces

Pictured is our
Hot Italian Sausage

In a clean 1 quart jar, add the sausage
Pour in the 1 cup of vinegar
Add the onion, garlic, salt, sugar and pickling spice to 1/2-cup water
Bring to a boil and then let cool
Add to jar, topping up with extra vinegar if needed
Seal and shake to spread around the seasonings
Eat after 4-5 days, will only keep for 7-10 days in fridge from start of process

Makes 1 quart jar



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