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Marcus' Seafood Sausage

1-kg abalone
4-kg flathead or any white meat fish, salmon is excellent as well
1-tbsp salt
1-tbsp lemon rind
1-tbsp lemon juice
1-tsp coarse salt
1-tsp ground black pepper
1-tsp marjoram
a pinch of ground ginger

Mince in a coarse grinder

Use only lamb sausage skins or thin fabricated sausage skins, "plastic" as you will need them to cook through fast
If you use thicker sausage casings the filling will get tough on the outside and be uncooked on the inside . My friend and I came up with this recipe on Flinders Island In Tasmania Australia. It is absolutely a hit ! Do be adventurous and try other seafood and spices. chili with seafood is also a hit. Enjoy

Flinders Island, Tasmania

NOTE: Abalone are medium-sized to very large edible sea snails.
I asked what a good substitution for abalone would be and Marcus wrote back the following...
"Abalone is very expensive and is rather unique in flavour, however I expect Mussells or Scallops or even Pippies will substitute"



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