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Step-By-Step Sausage Making Instructions
A place to learn how to make fresh sausage

  Sausage making is easier than one might imagine. Sausage is normally stuffed into links, but if you are a novice and don't want to invest in the equipment necessary, just buy ground pork from your butcher and make into patties. Once you find a few sausage making recipes you like, then invest in the best equipment. Homemade sausages will become a staple in your kitchen and the right equipment will last for years and years.
Equipment Needed:
Weigh scales
Large bowls
Latex gloves
Sharp Knives
Large trays
Parchment paper 
Homemade sausage on the grill

1-    Clean equipment is crucial to making sausage at home. Everything from the grinder/stuffer to the counter-top and knives must be sanitized.

2-    Use a variety of sharp knives, from a boning knife for removing the fat from the skin, to a butcher knife for chopping the pork to usable chunks for the grinder. Itís best not to use the loose fat as it may bind up certain stuffers, but certainly take as much of the hard fat as you can.

3-    While the meat is still in chunks before grinding, divide meat up in batch weights of the recipe. If there is extra, a nice way to use this meat is to cut into chunk sizes for shish kabobs. We also like to bag the chunks and marinate with jerk sauce to freeze for barbecuing at a later time. Keep all meat not being currently used in the freezer or fridge to keep chilled

4-    Grind each batch using a coarse blade

5-    Soak the hog casings in a small bowl of cold water. After Ĺ hour, change the water and soak for another Ĺ hour. Hold one end of the casing up to a tap and add some cold water. Now pinch off that end and slosh the water around inside the casing, working your way to the other end. Empty the water completely from the casing and collect in a bowl for use on stuffer.

6-    Measure out seasonings from recipe for your batch size

7-    In a large bowl, using latex gloves, mix the seasonings with the meat

8-    In a small frying pan, cook a little of the sausage to test the seasoning mix, adjust seasoning if necessary and repeat until seasoned to taste. An important step here is to write down your adjustments. We keep a logbook of all our sausage making ideas, adjustments and finished results. It makes repeating good sausage and skipping over not so good sausage easier next time.

9-    If not stuffing, either make into patties or bag to use as loose meat in recipes such as lasagna or anything requiring ground beef. Ground sausage meat certainly adds more flavour to a recipe instead of plain ground beef!

10-   If stuffing, with a paper towel soaked with a little vegetable oil, coat the stuffer horn. This makes putting on and taking off the casings easier.

11-   Tie a knot into the end of the casing. With a pin, prick the end to get the trapped air out

12-   This next step is much easier with 2 people. Start passing the meat through the stuffer and into the casing. The second person can receive the sausage and monitor for air in the sausage. If any air pockets show up, just use the pin to prick the casing to remove the air.

13-   When you reach a link length, twirl the link a couple of times to form a link. Continue stuffing until another link length has come out. Now turn this link a couple of turns the opposite direction as the first. This will keep the links from unraveling. If you go the same direction, youíll un-do the first sausage. Instead of doing this step right off the stuffer, the whole casing could be filled first and a knot tied at both ends to make a coil. It could be kept this way as a single coil, or the links could be made now. Just remember to always twirl the next link the opposite way. The links can also be tied off individually with string.

14-   Place each coil on a large parchment paper lined tray

15-   We like to freeze the sausage at this point

16-   The next day when the sausage is frozen, the links can be separated and frozen in freezer bags

Our Sausage Making Videos
Step by Step Instructions
Watch as we start out cutting up a pork shoulder and finish with sausage!

Complete Video
5:38 / 13.8MB

Part 1
Meat: Cutting & Grinding

Part 2
Sausage: Seasoning & Stuffing
Part 1
Meat: Cutting & Grinding
Dial Up
Part 2
Sausage: Seasoning & Stuffing
Dial Up
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