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Toronto Maple Leaf hockey cards:
'70-'75 | '75-'80 | '80-'85 | '85-'90

Toronto Maple Leafs   
Calling all Leaf fans. I've had these hockey cards tucked away and thought I should share them with other fans. This is a fan site not a card selling site, its just a trip down hockey's memory lane. If you have any you'd like to share, or any pictures you've taken at games, please send them in. EMAIL ME. Please, only pictures that YOU have taken. You will be given full credit

    My favourite all time Leaf player has been
WEN-DEL! Wendel Clark should have been given the nick name Boom-Boom, my pardons to the lateWendel Clark Mr Geoffrion. One boom was his rocket of a wrist shot, and the other boom was for his right hand. There weren't too many guys that could take more than a couple of his heavy fists to the chops. His fights usually were over very quick. He had a reputation of having heavy fists and you could see that most players, while battling in the corners or the front of the net, once they saw it was Clark they were messing with, just turned and skated away from any after whistle stuff.

Toronto Maple Leaf FAN!!! - Click to see the hockey cards starting at '70-'75    Only the biggest and badest players took on Clark with their fists. Wendel was usually giving away 20 or 30lbs to the other team's enforcer, but rarely ended up losing a fight. There were many a night that he took on the biggest and badest of the time, Bob Probert, and would always hold his own. There were some pretty even fights between those two.

    If you have any good stories or memories of your favourite Leaf player or Leaf team, please let us know and we'll publish them for you. EMAIL ME or fill out the form below. Comments are filtered before being posted. No spam links will be posted!


Toronto Maple Leaf hockey cards:
'70-'75 | '75-'80 | '80-'85 | '85-'90




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Toronto Maple Leafs:
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